Invisible lace bra

The Invisible Lace Bra is the glamorous bra of the collection. Thanks to its transparent lace, it can go very well with an elegant outfit such as an evening dress or a dress top. This invisible lace bra can be without back or strap.
Lace: centuries of know-how.

Lace is part of the French know-how par excellence. Appeared from the thirteenth century in the East, it has adorned the most beautiful dresses from the Renaissance to today.

First Venetian , it was following the wars in Italy and then the intervention of Colbert under King Louis XIV that lace factories began to flourish in France. He had for project that "his" lace exceeds all the others.

Under Napoleon, the " point d'Angleterre " is the most popular and brings a better quality to the lace to distinguish the summer lace, in tulle, lighter than the winter one, with the old point.

But real innovation began in the nineteenth century thanks to the heyday of the industry. The production of lace developed on a large scale using new technologies while keeping handmade lace, considered an art during the world exhibitions of the time.

New materials made their appearance in the twentieth century such as Nylon and Lycra which will give a new dimension to lace. It is thanks to lingerie designers, in particular Chantal Thomass , that lace will be brought up to date and will dress bras for the most beautiful effect.

Nowadays, two French regions still remain the cradles of lace: the
Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Haute, especially near Puy-en-Velay.

Lace and Lingerie: an obvious marriage today.

Lace is an essential material of the bra today. But that wasn’t always the case. We all have in mind the images of women's bras from the 1950s, in triangular-shaped fabrics. Few of the bras covered with lace.

At the time, lace was mainly intended for interior decoration. It is thanks to
Grands Couturiers who then fell in love with lace to create the perfect marriage between the breast and lace, which it has become, nowadays, very trendy not only in lingerie but in ready-made to wear in general.

Today, few lingerie brands do not put lace on their products. Floral, graphic, art-deco lace, each brand has distinguished itself by offering trendy and modern models while respecting the art of Ancestral Lace.

In fact, many designers walk through the doors of lace-making still in operation to draw inspiration from ancient lace patterns, treasured in the archives of factories.

Lingerie and lace go hand in hand and form an obvious marriage. Just go to your usual search engine and type bra for the image base to have lace covered bras on the front line.

Lace also brings a little more charm, femininity or glamor to a classic bra. The seductive bras are notably covered with tulle or lace. Lace is therefore anchored in our customs as an accessory of seduction, elegance and femininity.

The Invisible Lace Bra: Indispensable in our Wardrobe.

Thus, our closet is full of lace. It is very rare that a woman does not have a lace bra in her closet. The ultimate sign of femininity, lace highlights your curves to give you that " je ne sais quoi " that makes all the difference.

But do you know the Invisible Lace Bra ? Indeed, we all know lace bras. They don't tend to be invisible like second skin models. They may instead be visible under your sheer tops or lightweight fabrics.

Who has never been embarrassed by an overhanging lace strap or embossed lace that imprinted its patterns on her top? So what can you do to wear lace while avoiding having your bra visible to everyone?

The major lingerie brands have succeeded in developing increasingly resistant and thin lace capable of being invisible under clothing. Say goodbye to constraints and appreciate the femininity and elegance of lace all the more.
There are different types of invisible lace bras.

The first category is the Classic Lace Invisible Bras. These bras are made of classic invisible bras in fabrics covered with fine lace, allowing them to still be invisible under clothing.

These bras contain straps, hooks in the back and cups with or without underwire.

The second category is the Backless Lace Invisible Bras. These bras are made of adhesive cups and are covered with smooth lace to provide the desired invisible effect.

Discover the Invisible Lace Bra made for you!

The Gilsa Lace Invisible Bras Collection

Gilsa Paris has created lingerie solutions dedicated to women to meet their needs.
Today, she offers you Lace Invisible Bras made for you.
First, discover the bras of the first category, the classic invisible lace bras . In this category, you can fall for the
Sexy Bra Chic Plunge Bra .

This U-shaped bra will allow you to wear the most plunging necklines in your wardrobe without risking making your bra visible. Sold with its transparent lace boyshorts , the Sexy Bra Chic is the perfect combination for a romantic chic and glamorous evening.

In the second category of bras, opt for the Skin Bra Chic Backless Lace Bra . Parent bra of Skin Bra Chic, this bra will bring you a breast effect with guaranteed invisibility. Its lace will give you the added touch of glamor for all your chic events.

How to maintain your Invisible Lace Bra?

We had presented two categories of bras to you. The first represents the
Classic bras represented in the Gilsa Paris brand by the Sexy Bra Chic .
This bra comes with a lace shorty.

We advise you to machine wash them in a delicate wash in a washing bag for delicate laundry such as Sexy Bra Chic Large Size Washing Bag Trésor, to wash your lingerie gently without fear of damaging it.

Regarding the second category, the backless bras represented by the
Skin Bra Chic , the process is different.

After use, peel it off gently. Then run it under soap and water and let it air dry. Once dry, put back the transparent protection and put in a secure place to avoid deforming it.

How to put on your Invisible Lace Bra?

You must finally ask yourself how to put on these bras. The Sexy Bra Chic fits like a classic clip-on bra.

The Skin Bra Chic is put on like a classic adhesive backless bra. Remove the transparent protection then attach one shell after the other on your breast from the outside to the inside. Then secure the crotch clip. Repeat the steps until you get the best results.

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