Invisible Bras

How is the Invisible Bra different to the Transparent Bra? In general, the so-called Transparent Bra is made with lace or transparent tulle. It reveals your chest, but the seam marks remain visible most of the time.

As regards the Invisible Bra , it is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe, which allows her to be able get rid of straps or of the overly apparent lace. It can be found in different forms, such as: Self-Adhesive Cups backless and/or strapless, Underwired Bras or Non Wired Bras , with Adhesive Wings or Without Wings .
We can also find them with innovative solutions, like the Multiway Bra, which allows you to wear a range of different outfits, thanks to its different hooks. It can also be worn as a strapless bandeau bra. Not only is it discreet, it is also light, and it will give you comfort and support throughout the day. The invisible bra: once you have given it a try, there is no way back!

All the pleasure of a backless bra

The invisible backless bra has many advantages. Strapless ones can be worn with everything, remaining discreet during all seasons. The examples are plenty. A backless dress during the summer to avoid tan lines? A sweater or an off the shoulder top for cooler weather and the arrival of the holiday season? What about a bustier top or a low-cut jumpsuit for a fancy event? In addition to being invisible, this bra has a second skin effect so you can enhance your back.

What are the advantages? First, it will give you the feeling of lightness on your upper body throughout the day. Thanks to the adhesive, this bra can have many different effects. It can raise the chest to give it a push-up effect or just to avoid sagging breasts. Every woman who wants to feel beautiful and confident can find the bra and effect of her choice.

As each woman is different, invisible bras are made in many shapes and allow you to wear any outfit that you want. A bare shoulder? A bare back? Low-cut necklines? Everything is possible with our invisible bras. You can discover them in our collection of lingerie solutions GILSA Paris, but also in our wedding collection Oui by GILSA Paris. We offer adhesive cups, strapless bras, adhesive bras, multiway bras and more!

Discover the invisible adhesive bra

Not only is it invisible, it is also adhesive. This allows for lighter lingerie and a more pronounced invisibility effect. Who has never dreamed of wearing a light dress with a deep cleavage to the lower back without showing your bra or having the permanent feeling that your back is being squeezed all day? Thanks to the invisible adhesive bra you will have the pleasure of feeling free to do and wear whatever you want.

Thanks to its lightness, this bra, in all its forms, guarantees a second skin effect while avoiding everyday inconveniencies, such as the nipples being apparent under the clothes, showing bra straps and/or hooks, or the permanent and unpleasant feeling of a tight bra.

This self-adhesive invisible backless bra guarantees unmatched support and discretion. Its colors (nude or black) make it invisible under clothing and blend in with your skin.

Tested under dermatological control, the adhesive invisible bra is reusable and can be quickly washed after each use. You only need water and soap to make the magic happen – the dermatological glue will regenerate during cleaning.

Just wait for the product to dry and then put the plastic cover back on. Adhesive bras are recommended to be hand washed for a longer lifespan.

The essential invisible multiway bra

Who has not all already tried to remove a strap to be able to wear an outfit with a bare shoulder or pulled the hooks of a bra down so that they are no longer visible? And what do you do when not wearing any underwear is not a possible option? This is why multiway bras are an essential accessory for your wardrobe, as well as the best everyday solution for your comfort and support.

It will be your daily ally for all sorts of outfits, from bare backs to asymmetrical dresses – or even for the happiest day of your life, under your wedding dress. This bra is designed for all women who dream of wearing a low-cut dress, top or jumpsuit, bare backs, or bare shoulders, while ensuring effective and discreet support.

Discover many bras in one with the Divine Bra !
· The classic shape, which allows you to show a bare back while keeping the straps of a classic bra.
· The halter shape, for a bare back and bare shoulders.
· The bustier shape, to show your bare shoulders with just one or two invisible straps at the back.
· The shape bare back which allows you a total bare back as well as the shoulders, no suspenders are visible.

Fall in love with the invisible push-up bra

Even if the bra is invisible, it does not have to lose support. From small breasts to large ones, a push-up effect is always guaranteed. Thanks to its pads, adhesive wings, back-support straps or a central clip to tighten the bust, your neckline will be enhanced and maintained throughout the day.

GILSA Paris offers a wide range of invisible push-up bras, with padded or non-padded cups, with or without underwire, or with or without wings, all of which offer a push-up effect, and lift and enhance the bust.

It is ideal for women with small breasts who want to enhance their necklines, or for strapless tops and dresses. Our goal is simple: to make all women feel beautiful. You will no longer have any excuses not to wear that top that has been in your closet for months, or that little asymmetrical dress that you fell in love with last month, but did not dare to wear because it did not make your chest look good.

Which invisible bra to choose?

If you do not know which one to choose yet, GILSA Paris is here to advise and help you, so that you can find the lingerie solution that best suits your needs.

Do you want to show off a bare back? The invisible adhesive bras are made for you. Indeed, with the strapless and backless adhesive cups, you will get unparalleled support and comfort. Thanks to these bras, you can wear backless dresses, low-cut tops, strapless outfits and even transparent tops, especially in nude color, which blends perfectly with your skin.

Want to wear a strapless wedding dress or one with a plunging back? The invisible multiway bras are the best hack for a gorgeous outfit. Thanks to its removable straps, you can show your back, as well as your shoulders depending on the dress, while having great support throughout the day.

For lightness and an outstanding second-skin effect, GILSA Paris presents the Rivoli, a 100% adhesive bandeau-shaped bra that allows for great support and remains invisible under your clothes.

How to choose an invisible bra for a beautiful neckline?

In order to choose an invisible bra, you must first know your cup size (A, B, C, D, ...). It is then necessary to know, and this is also important for your comfort, your chest size, in order to get a good grip of your bust and a harmonious visual.

GILSA Paris recommends women with a chest size bigger than or equal to 95 to choose a cup size above the one they would choose for a classic bra. When it comes to invisible multiway bras, go for your usual size.

For more details, we advise you to check out our GILSA Paris size guide to find your exact size. In addition, you will have the chance of finding out your French and international size for other products, such as our classic bras, our adhesive bras, and panties and shapewear.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] !

How to put on an invisible bra?

To be able to wear an invisible adhesive bra, you must first know how to place it for optimal support and comfort throughout its use. First, you must clean the area of the skin that will be in contact with the glue.

For a good grip of the breast, place one cup at a time from the outside to the inside, making the central clip face the middle of the chest.

Then, test if the cups have been well placed by hooking the two ends of the central clip together to tighten the chest and give it a push-up effect. If the final look does not suit you, repeat the process to obtain the results you are looking for. Once you are happy with the results, all you have to do is peacefully enjoy your day.

If it is an invisible adhesive bra with underwire and fins, start by matching the shape of your breast to a cup, then repeat this step on the other breast.
Make sure you are comfortable with the cups, then finish the process by sticking the wings to the sides, choosing the tightness depending on your convenience, your need for support and the desired push-up effect. Once it has been worn, the adhesive bra is easy to remove and easy to clean.

Finally, if you are more interested in invisible multiway bras, you simply have to put it on like a classic bra and you are free to choose the position of the straps that better suit your outfit.

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