Lace adhesive bra

A adhesive lace bra can be worn under a variety of outfits. Its lace will give a glamorous and elegant side under your clothes. It can be worn under a dress, a scooped top or any outfit with a plunging back. For the parties , this lace adhesive bra will be ideal to brighten up your outfit.
The Bra: your everyday companion

We've all had a story with a bra. We discovered him as a teenager and he never left us. The bra is our everyday partner . He supports us in trials, he reassures us every day.

The bra is also an essential part of our lingerie drawer . Sometimes designed for our comfort, sometimes for seduction or even for sport, there is always a bra made for our life and our needs.

What would we do without a bra?

This is a question we can ask ourselves. Some women can do without it, but for others it is essential. To play sports, to go to work, to feel good about yourself, the bra is made to help you at all times of your life.

There are many varieties of bras for different uses. Basket, headband, balconette, strapless, removable, there is the shape that will perfectly highlight your curves.

The adhesive bra, your new ally

Do you know the adhesive bra? This bra is sometimes unrecognized and yet it has many advantages.

The adhesive bra does not have the same manufacturing structure. The classic bra has two cups, a crotch, straps and hooks.

The adhesive bra has only cups and a removable between the breasts. This therefore allows them to be lighter . You will gain greater freedom of movement.

With the adhesive bra, you will have the opportunity to wear any backless outfit you want.

Have you always dreamed of putting on a backless dress? Have you fallen for a gorgeous asymmetrical top but you'll never dare to wear it because you can't do without a bra?

Classic bras hold the bust well and give us a lot of confidence . However, they may not be suitable for all outfits offered by fashion and ready-to-wear designers.

Thus, the adhesive bra is the ideal solution to replace the classic bras. It frees the woman from her worries and allows her to wear whatever outfit they dream of putting on.

Lace: the little extra that makes all the difference

Lace is a woman's best friend. Today, it is one of the most used materials in our wardrobe. She finds it on little ruffled tops, evening dresses and of course our favorite bras.

Lace gives bras the touch of femininity and sensuality that women seek.

Adding a little lace to her bra gives you more confidence. Thanks to the lace, sport a glamorous and sophisticated look under the outfits of your dreams. Who says you can't be glamorous in clothes and underwear with an open back?

Thanks to the lace adhesive bra, be beautiful and sure of yourself under all your clothes of lights.

Discover the Adhesive Lace Bra from Gilsa Paris

Gilsa Paris likes to dress women to feel comfortable, strong and proud of themselves. Regardless of her body type, a woman can wear an open back if she has the right tools. Thanks to an adhesive lace back bra, you're ready to go.

Thus, Gilsa Paris created the Adhesive Lace Bra Skin Bra Chic . This is an open back silicone adhesive bra. Thanks to its lace, this bra will give you support and a touch of glamor.

Available from size S to L, you will be able to choose three colors: white, black and flesh.
Wear Gilsa Paris under all your evening dresses!

How to put on your adhesive lace bra?

Found the perfect backless adhesive bra but you don't know how to put it on? We'll give you all the tips on how to wear your bra to keep it going all night long.

First of all, know that Gilsa Paris has always fought for the good of women, for their safety and their comfort. This is why all Gilsa Paris products are dermatologically tested to ensure the protection of the skin of its consumers.

First, adhesive bras are worn on freshly washed, dry skin . Then peel off the plastic protections from the bra. Position one cup after the other from the end of the breast inward. Peel off and reattach the cups until they are properly positioned. Finally, connect the two cups with the between-breast clip.

How to maintain your adhesive lace bra?

Once you put your bra on comfortably, you need to learn how to take care of it so that you can wear it for as long as possible.

Once your bra is on, take it off gently . To keep it sticky, wash it off with soap and water. Once your bra is dry, carefully glue the transparent protection back onto the adhesive strip.

Finally, store your bra in its box and then in a secure place to avoid deforming your bra. It will be ready to be used for the next time.

What to wear your adhesive lace bra with?

This adhesive lace bra has the characteristic of leaving your back completely bare. Very light on the skin and invisible under your clothes, you can match it with a very wide range of clothes.

Do you have a party planned for next week and you don't know what to wear? It appears that you have several choices: a sane, a reasonable, and an extravagant. You never dared to go extravagant because you never have the tools to avoid being vulgar?

Have you fallen for a beautiful backless dress in a magazine? You are not, however, comfortable with the "No Bra" fashion. But then how to do?

The adhesive bra will give you the support and confidence you need to wear this dress without compromise. Be proud of who you are and Gilsa Paris will help you make it happen.

What to match her adhesive lace bra with?

How about matching your lace adhesive bra with other items from our collection? Think you've found the perfect bra? Find the right stocking for you.

We offer several styles of stockings depending on what our consumers are looking for. You have found a beautiful straight skirt that is fairly tight; but which bottom to choose to avoid unwanted panty marks?

Regular panties are known to be comfortable, but they often leave my mark under clothing. You lack class and it can seem awkward. So how do you avoid the massacre?

Gilsa Paris offers you invisible panties. Seamless, they will slip under all your clothes without seeing each other. You have the option of choosing three different invisible panties.

If you are looking for high-cut panties, then choose the Colette ultra light hipster cut panties . If you want a more enveloping high waist invisible panty, then the Madone high waist panty is for you. With its wide cut, it will sublimate all silhouettes from XS to XL.
Finally, if you are looking for a shorty type bottom, then the Emile seamless invisible shorts will be the bottom you you need. It will fit under all your clothes thanks to its range of colors (ivory, flesh and black).

If you are looking for extra support, then the shaping panty is for you. It will shape your body to give you the possibility of having a wasp body.

Gilsa Paris offers you two shaping panties. If you want to tighten your tummy, the Milord shaping panties will meet your desires. These panties go back to the birth of the breasts and shape your buttocks.

If you also want to shape your thighs, then go for the Victor seamless shaping shorts . Adopt the body you've always dreamed of!

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