Adhesive Backless Bra

The Adhesive Backless Bra allows you to wear a Neckline in the back of the most plunging effect without worrying about a strap or hook sticking out. Available in different forms, such as the Adhesive Backless Push Up Bra with lacing and without straps or even with cups , this adhesive bra adapts to each chest and gives you Lightness , Invisibility and Comfort under your clothes. Discover our Wide Range of Adhesive Backless Bras.
You must be wondering how useful this kind of bra is. Why do we call them “bare back”? In general, bras are made of cups, connected by staples at the back and accompanied by straps around the shoulders.

In fact, to speak of “bare back” for this type of product is a bit surprising at first glance. The primary attribute of a bra is to hold and support the breasts. In the case of the open back bra, the back is uncovered and only the chest is in contact with the product.

To keep this kind of product on the skin without falling off on the first move, lingerie brands have made it adhesive. Indeed, it is glued to the level of the chest and gives it different effects depending on the needs of the consumer. Simple protection, more sustained support, lifting or push-up effect, these products have, above all, been developed to bring lightness and great freedom to women.

Indeed, no more bras close to the tank top that locks the woman in and prevents her from moving. No more imposing bras, which protrude from your clothes and spoil your party outfits. Be ready for backless bras. They will allow you to wear low-cut back and neckline outfits at will without worrying about the eyes of others.

How to choose a strapless adhesive backless bra?

Gilsa Paris offers a wide choice of adhesive backless bra to best meet your expectations. Indeed, we have decided to best meet the needs of each and this involves different products.

Before choosing a model, ask yourself what you are looking for. You've found a gorgeous outfit for your best friend's birthday, but there are a few things wrong.

Yes, we see your bra sticking out and you don't find it elegant. Do you think you have a very beautiful back? So why hide it under a classic garment?

Choose quirky, glamorous outfits with an open back and have no regrets. Say goodbye to staples and suspenders and choose one of our designs.

If you are looking for a backless bandeau bra, go for Rivoli . This 100% silicone adhesive band will bring you great comfort and total invisibility under your clothes.

If you are not comfortable with silicone, go for the L Bra . This open back bra that will comfortably support your chest while giving you the opportunity to reveal your back. If you also want to have a front neckline, go for the Diva Bra . This U-shaped bra that will allow you large necklines both in front and behind.

If you are looking for a more transparent adhesive cup bra, choose the Louvre . Thanks to its transparent fins, you will be sure of yourself under your clothes and well maintained. An additional transparent strap is possible to provide more support under your daily or party clothes.

Discover our backless adhesive cases

Gilsa Paris offers two types of backless bras. We saw a first variety, the preformed bras. Like a real bra, it supports your breasts for those who are looking for great comfort and breast support. If your bust is holding up on its own, then try the backless adhesive cups under your everyday or party outfits.

Gilsa Paris offers a wide choice of adhesive cases according to your needs, your tastes and your desires. We offer two styles of cases. The first style of cases is silicone cases.

Gilsa Paris presents the Skin Bra , silicone adhesive cases that are invisible under clothing and bring you a second skin effect. Bring a touch of glamor with the Skin Bra Chic , adhesive cases covered with lace to be chic to the tips of the breasts.

If you are not comfortable with silicone, no problem, Gilsa Paris also offers adhesive fabric cases. For more softness, they retain this second skin effect. Discover the Silk Bra , adhesive fabric shells that will keep you bust throughout your event. Without straps or backs, you can wear any bare back you want without pressure or fear. You will be maintained and sexy at the same time.

On the other hand, if you want to obtain a plunging neckline, do not hesitate any longer, and fall for the Pop Up Bra < / b>. This adhesive bra attaches like our classic adhesive cups.

With its interior lace, you will have the opportunity to offer yourself the neckline of your dreams. Pull the lace more or less until your desires are fulfilled. Be free to wear what you want, when you want and forget about the inconvenience of the usual bras.

How to put on and care for your adhesive backless bra?

Now that we have presented all of our products to you, you should have a clearer idea of which model is right for you. Still have doubts ? If you would like more information on our products, do not hesitate to contact us by email at the following address: [email protected] or on 01 42 60 29 39.

Now you must be wondering how to put on this kind of bra. Above all, these products are put on freshly washed skin. It all depends above all on the style of bra.

If it is a classic bra, position the bra normally on your chest then peel off the adhesive fins to stick them to your skin. If they are hulls, position each hull one by one on each breast from the outside to the inside and then connect the hulls with the associated clip.

You might be afraid of this kind of product as a result of what we can hear in the newspapers or on the networks. Gilsa Paris takes care of its customers with its dermatologically tested products. Thanks to its special dermatological glue, our products will not irritate your skin.

So feel free to wear any bras you want without worrying about the risks involved. So take the risk of wearing open backs for special occasions.

Finally, you might be wondering how to take care of it. Dermatological glue regenerates itself with soap and water. Clean your bra thoroughly with soap and water and allow it to air dry. When dry, place the transparent film back on the adhesive area and store it carefully in your belongings for the next use.

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