Adhesive Push Up Bras

A Sublimated and Glamorous neckline thanks to the adhesive push-up bra . Wear backless clothes while adding volume to your chest. Be beautiful at any occasion.

For more support, the Adhesive Push-Up Bras can have Transparent or Adhesive Wings to no longer doubt your bra. Our bras adapt themselves to all your desires.
You might be intrigued by this kind of name. Indeed, the bra is part of our daily life. We usually wear it every day and it's hard to get rid of it.

From the corset to the bikini, there have been a lot of changes both in the shapes and in his perception. Of course, the bra has evolved a lot since its creation.

Women have long been prisoners of their bodies and their clothes. The goal was to shape their bodies so that they fit into their clothes and reflect the body standards of the time. For a long time, women
were not free to move around and in their body.

Today, manners are changing. The standards of beauty are not the same as before. Women are more and more free to wear what they want and to accept their body types. Small, large, generous, skinny, they must
assume who they are because it is the clothes that adapt to them.

Thus, women have changed their shopping habits. They want to feel beautiful and feminine without neglecting their comfort. Comfort has become one of the most important points in the shopping process for consumers. Indeed, women favor comfort over clothing finishes.

This also goes into the choice of her lingerie. Initially, the woman wanted to feel beautiful and sexy in her underwear. Now she tries to feel good about her body all day long by forgetting that she is wearing a bra.

She said goodbye to the instruments of torture. The major lingerie brands are adapting to ready-to-wear clothing. We were thus able to discover self-adhesive invisible bras, strapless / backless bras or even invisible push-ups.

So today, indulge yourself in new styles of bras that do not neglect comfort and that adapt to the needs of every woman regardless of their morphology, age and needs. Every woman is different and brands
lingerie must adapt to the new desires of its consumers.

How does an adhesive push-up bra work?

There are many styles of bras on the market: bandeau, balconette, balconette, halter top and many more. You might be familiar with some of these terms.

It is possible, however, that the adhesive bra might intrigue you. Let us explain its features to us. You will not be able to do without it.

Generally, the classic bra is made up of more or less removable straps, cups connecting your two breasts and clips to fasten your bra. You should have about ten different colors and shapes in your closet. But do you know the adhesive bra?

When you see the word adhesive, you immediately tend to think of scotch tape or self-adhesive material for photos, windows or interior decoration. We are quite far from the classic bra image. In fact, why and especially how to use the adhesive in the support of the chest?

We are seeing more and more adhesive type products on the market and especially through social networks. Highlighted thanks to celebrities and influencers, adhesive bras have become flagship products for wearing from everyday outfits to the most extravagant outfits.

These open back bras are positioned directly against the skin and stick to your breast thanks to a dermatological glue specially designed for this purpose. So you won't be afraid to irritate your skin. There are all kinds. Each underside has been designed to
specific need.

Have you always dreamed of having dreamy breasts but only have small breasts? Are you looking for a push up effect to have the plunging neckline of your dreams? Do not hesitate ! Under a T-shirt, a high-cut top, a dress, an open back or even a jumpsuit, the adhesive push-up bra will perfectly meet your expectations.

Gilsa Paris has specially designed for its clients adhesive push up bras for all moments of their lives. Whether under everyday clothing, for a festive event or special occasions, Gilsa Paris is with you for all the times of your life when you need support.

Which push-up bra to choose for a small breast?

We are talking more and more about the liberation of women and the topic of generous breasts is more and more common. However, the woman is plural, just like her morphology. For too long neglected, small breasts also deserve to wear the underwear they want under the outfits of their dreams.

Indeed, sometimes, small breasts need to have a bra under their clothes to keep this feeling of support and to avoid having nipples that stick out. To do this, many solutions are possible, as one of the most
current, the nipple cover. However, if you're looking for extra support, consider stick-on bras.

These strapless bras have been designed so that women can feel free to move around in everyday life and have a bare back. No more bra complex that protrudes, you can be maintained and wear the outfits
scalloped, back, and necklines of your choice without complex.

If you want to sport a plunging neckline to highlight your curves and your chest, we recommend the Push Up adhesive strapless bra that will straighten your chest to have the effect you are looking for according to your needs and your desires. .

Gilsa Paris offers you different bras adapted to your needs. If you are looking for an adjustable push up bra that gives you a push up effect, go for the Pop Bra . With its lace at the cup clip, you can choose the degree of the push-up effect according to your expectations and needs.

If you have a dress that's low in front and open back, check out the
Diva Bra . This invisible U-shaped adhesive bra will allow you to dare the dizzying front necklines while feeling supported thanks to its transparent wings on the side. Born
make more compromises between a large chest neckline or a pretty open back. Take both!

Finally, if you are looking for a bra with pads, choose the Louvre . This padded strapless adhesive bra will support your bust from morning to night. Thanks to its transparent fins on the sides, you can show
proudly your back without letting your bra protrude. If you want better support, don't hesitate to use the transparent strap that connects the two wings at the back.

How to put on and care for your push-up adhesive bra?

Now that you have discovered our push up adhesive lingerie solutions, you should be more familiar with our products. However, perhaps a doubt persists. You might be wondering if your products are healthy for your skin.

All Gilsa Paris products are dermatologically tested to meet European health standards. All the glues used on our adhesive products are dermatological glues created especially for contact with the skin.
However, if your skin is very sensitive, prefer our non-stick products for more comfort.

Now you must be wondering how to put on these kinds of products without tangling your brushes. Each Gilsa Paris and Oui by Gilsa product are sold with instructions to show you how to put on your product correctly.

As for adhesive bras, it is imperative to put it on freshly washed skin. Position your bra as you would with a regular bra. Then gently peel off the plastic film and position the transparent fins. Do not hesitate to take off and re-glue the product until it is positioned
perfect on your chest.

Now you still have to ask yourself how to maintain it to keep it as long as possible. When you are finished using it, wash it off with soap and water. The glue regenerates automatically thanks to this mixture. Then gently glue back the protective film.

Finally, gently store in your belongings for next use. Be careful that no bulky objects are on top of the product to prevent it from being deformed.

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