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Investing in pretty underwear is good, using a washing bag to make them last longer, it's even better! In fact, at the time of washing, the delicate fabric of your lingerie requires special care. A short overview of the many advantages offered by wash bags.
A laundry bag for lingerie, is it mandatory?

Underwear is often made with thinner and fragile fabrics than the rest of the linen. Hence the idea of putting them in a washing bag to protect them from possible deterioration: by separating them in a light net, the action of the washing machine is softened. But is it necessary to use a pouch every time you wash?

At Gilsa Paris, our lingerie solutions are designed to be as discreet as possible. Our ranges of thongs, panties, shorts and bras have no seams, and blend on your skin without ever getting noticed. But to keep their shape and maintain their shades, using a washing bag every time they go through the machine is an essential gesture.

In fact, if you do not protect your underwear when washing, the risk is that your lingerie will deteriorate faster by losing its elasticity, shape and color. The bag is an effective barrier that protects the fibre of underwear and prevents its alteration. In addition, the washing pouch prevents your bras from getting tangled with clothes, or even hooks from getting caught in the walls of the machine. So you are sure that your undersides will not be distorted.

In short, by separating your delicate underwear from the rest of the linen, you are doing a proud service to your lingerie!

The laundry bag for underwear, an eco-friendly accessory

If we talk a lot about ecology in conversations about agriculture, transport or electricity, it is rarely mentioned about washing clothes in the machine. And if this is the case, it is often to talk about the significant water consumption of each wash cycle. Yet there is another problem related to the washing machine: that of micro-particles. Invisible to the naked eye, these tiny elements escape from synthetic fabrics with each wash. The result: waste is thrown into the water every time you wash your stuff.

This is why the wash bag is a particularly environmentally friendly accessory: thanks to it, micro-particles are retained, preventing them from being spilled into the oceans. So you make two strokes with one stone: not only do your clothes last longer, but the water that results from washing is less polluted, and can continue its cycle without fear.

Less contamination and durable underwear: get green with our wash bags!

Which washing bag to use?

Gilsa Paris has developed different lingerie bags for washing machine, in order to give you more choices according to your needs.

The So Clean washing bag is specially developed to accommodate delicate lingerie. It can come in rectangular or round shape, to be even more practical and avoid the dispersion of the laundry.

With its large size, the Trésor laundry bag accommodates a large number of elements and takes care of your underneath.

Whatever your choice, all of our pouches have been designed to protect your delicate underwear in the best possible way. In case you wash many lingerie items, do not hesitate to use several washing bags. By leaving room in each net, instead of tapping all your underwear into a single bag, the clothes will have more space and will be better cleaned.

How to wash your lingerie in a machine?

Generally, it is recommended to wash underwear with delicate programs. The latter have a slower velocity than traditional cycles, resulting in less damage to the tissues over the long term. In addition, it is better not to exceed 30 degrees or even 40 degrees, in order to preserve your lingerie items and prevent their shrinkage.

If you can, try using special laundry detergent for delicate clothes, which will be softer than traditional laundry. In addition, avoid washing very different shades together: for example, do not associate your light sets with black clothes, otherwise discolor your laundry. And when you wash your white laundry, feel free to opt for a specific laundry detergent, which will give your clothes a new shine.

Obviously, our advice is given on a general basis. Before anything, it is necessary to consult the washing instructions for each underwear. For example, some materials such as silk can only be washed by hand. This is also the case for adhesive thongs and adhesive bras, which should never be machined or come into contact with bleach or alcohol. Always follow the instructions attached to your underneath!

How to dry his underwear?

Beware of dryers: useful and fast, they nevertheless have disadvantages for delicate clothes. They can damage the finest tissues. The same applies to hair dryers, and even irons: underwear does not iron!

To dry your lingerie, the best way is to leave it in the open air on a clothes rack. It's also more environmentally friendly, since a dryer uses energy.

After drying, store your lingerie in a place sheltered from light. Small drawstring pockets can be very useful: you can put your underwear into it to better organize your dressing room. They are also super convenient to go on a trip.

The washing bag is a must-have accessory to preserve your lingerie. By separating the undersides from the rest of the laundry, it effectively protects them and even helps to limit the contamination of the washing water. So we win on every level!

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