Bra strap holders

The bra strap holders, to be sexy from the back

You've finally found the dress of your dreams: sexy and light, it highlights you and enhances your natural beauty. Only problem: its wide neckline in the back lets you see your bra straps, spoiling the harmony of your ensemble. To remedy this, we give you the ultimate solution: the strap holders ! Simple and effective, it allows you to be glamorous face and back. Zoom in on a trick that revolutionizes your wardrobe!

What are the Bra Strap Holders?

The concept of the shoulder straps is simple: it is a small, ultra-discreet object that attaches to your back and brings your bra straps closer together. It is located at the level of your spine, between the two shoulder blades.

The bra strap holders are an ingenious lingerie accessory that hide the marks of your bra. By deflecting its shoulder straps, it allows you to unveil your shoulders and reveal an almost completely bare back. Practical and easy to use, this small clip easily attaches to the center of your shoulder blades and knows how to get forgotten under your clothes.

Why using Bra Strap Holders?

The big advantage of the brace closer is that it camouflages the marks of your bra without forcing you out of bare breasts. So, no longer feel obliged to adopt the “no bra” when you wear cut and uncovered clothes. Now, enjoy the comfort and protection of your lingerie while removing the disturbing straps.

In fact, thanks to the straps close, you do not need to opt for a strapless bra, which could slip slightly and make you feel uncomfortable, or turn to adhesive covers . The mini clip shape of the shoulder straps makes you feel comfortable: it gives you the opportunity to move, dance and move freely without worrying.

It is therefore an indispensable accessory of the women's wardrobe, especially for generous breasts that can not do without straps. Small breasts will also appreciate it, as the strap strap also gives a push-up effect that beautifies your curves and makes you feel more attractive. In this way, everyone will find their account!

What should I wear with Bra Strap Holders?

The bra strap strap will quickly become the best ally of your sexy, high-cut outfits. It is particularly useful for racerback tops, which reveal a large portion of the upper back, as well as for open tops on the sides. Dresses that cut off the shoulder blades will also pair beautifully with our bra clips: wear sexy shoulders in the devil while keeping the chest comfortably maintained. With the help of the straps closer, don't choose between sexy clothes and bras: combine the two without neglecting your sex-appeal!

Straps are especially popular when you are looking for a lingerie solution for your important events. With them, wear your most fitting and chic outfits without fear that the straps of your bra will spoil your outfits! These fasteners are very popular under long, open dresses in the back, under tank tops showing a large part of your shoulders, and under tops with laced backs.

They are also very popular in summer, when women brown their bodies in the sun and go out in their sexiest clothes. Very light and easily transportable, our straps will become the must-have trick for your summer holiday.

We offer our shoulder straps in different colours, so you can choose the most suitable shade. Our fasteners come in flesh colour, black and white, to better blend under your clothes. In addition, we have developed two types of shoulder straps: so mini are made of metal, while so easy, more round, are made of durable and recyclable material.

How to use the Bra Strap Holders?

To use the brace closer, nothing could be simpler. All you have to do is pass each shoulder strap through the clip tabs. When you put on the bra, the clip will naturally attach to your spine, holding it securely in place.

Quick and easy to put on, the shoulder strap is designed to be a functional accessory that can be used with all types of bra. This is an inexpensive solution that makes your look more harmonious. With this ingenious clip, you will feel sexier than ever and will not be disturbed by the unsightly brands of your bra.

Lingerie tips for all situations and tastes

At Gilsa Paris, we have developed many lingerie tips that meet all your requirements. In addition to our straps, we offer equally innovative and clever solutions, such as our adhesive bras that slip under any outfit, our transparent shoulder straps that blend on the body, or our nipple cover that steal the nipple in a bold and glamorous way.

Gilsa has thought of all forms of clothing, to help you avoid fake fashion. In this way, you will be able to choose the solution best suited to your look from our various offers, in order to show an elegant and fluid silhouette.

Combine our accessories with our wide collection of panties, thongs and shorts of all kinds. No stitching, they bring you discretion and comfort. Thanks to our invisible and feminine underwear, be sure to be sexy and confident in any circumstances!

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