Push Up Panties

The Push Up Panties is a daily trick that allows you to accentuate and Highlight your Curves. Adapted to each woman, you will be able to see a real result "before and after". You can find it in two forms, Classic or Shaping Panties which will offer you good support and a flat belly while embellishing your forms. In addition, the Push Up Panties, with their foam padding, will lift your buttocks under your clothes.
The Panties: your everyday ally

The Panties are part of our daily life. It is the essential garment for our daily comfort. For too long criticized, the panties have become trendy today.

Yes, the panties came a long way before conquering our cottages. Today we cannot do without it.

There are many panties for multiple uses. Whether you are cotton, microfiber, bamboo, or polyester, the panties of your dreams are bound to be waiting for you somewhere. She will know how to comfort you during the highlights of your life. A rainy morning,
an outing with friends, a shopping spree, a boring family reunion, you will always need panties for these moments.

There are many models of panties in various shapes. High waist or low waist, more or less indented, panty or hipster and sometimes even split. Over time, lingerie brands have tried to find the shape of panties adapted to the morphology of
every woman by varying sizes, shapes and needs, including the appearance of padded panties.

Today, Gilsa Paris offers you a new form of panties, not widely used in the market and known to the general public, the push up panties.

What is the Push Up effect?

You might be wondering how useful these kind of panties are. Indeed, if the use of classic panties is no secret, we might wonder what a push-up panty is.

The term push-up is more and more trendy in recent years. We have seen it, most of the time, associated with bras. A push-up bra allows, with the help of a pad, to bring a little more volume to the breast for a push-up effect, and a feeling of having a fuller neckline than before.

We are increasingly finding silicone or fabric pads that can be slipped into the bra of your choice to add volume to your breasts. This solution allows you to choose the times of your day when you want this volume and the times when you don't find it useful, without changing your bra.

We are also seeing the concept of push-up pants appear in our favorite stores. Using product ergonomics and smaller pockets, these pants allow you to give the illusion of a more plump bottom than usual for people looking to erase their little complexes.

Today, we present to you a new range of push up products, the push up panties in all its seams. Like push-up bras, these panties have integrated pads at the buttocks to give the illusion of a plump butt all day long. Get Shakira's butt in effortless seconds!

A before after with a Push Up Panties

But how do push-up panties work? Thanks to its pads sewn directly into the fabric, they will be able to be invisible under your dresses, skirts or pants, even tight-fitting. Just like a classic panty, it will protect you from morning to night.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, feel free to move around and comfortable in your panties. Its plump pads will give the feel of a plump butt. Don't be afraid it will show, only you will be aware of this lingerie tip. Be comfortable in your clothes with that little extra that will make all the difference.

Discover our Push Up Panties Curvy from Gilsa Paris. These panties have been specially designed for women looking for discreet volume. The pads integrated into the panties have been designed to bring a natural volume to the buttock so as not to arouse suspicion. Flesh-colored or black, choose the panties that will blend best under your little skinny jeans or your straight pencil skirt.

You will be able to see the before / after effects quickly in front of the mirror. Your buttocks are transformed in seconds, and goodbye to complexes!

Get the posterior you've always dreamed of in a snap. Your secret will be well kept with our push up panties from Gilsa Paris. Everyone has the right to a queen's butt!

They are not only reserved for Latin Americans or great sportswomen. Did you think you tried all the inexpensive solutions on the market? Not sure how to wear that tight little black dress you loved on the online model but as soon as you tried it on it looked bland? Dare the push up panties and your problems will be solved!

Push-Up Panties for a Flat Belly

But Gilsa Paris has many surprises in store for you. Indeed, we have two models of push panties that can meet the needs of every woman. We previously presented the classic, low-waisted panty with its push-up pads, now discover the High-waisted Push Up Effect Panty Curvy Slim < / a> by Gilsa Paris.

Are you not very comfortable with small curves on sale following pregnancy or weight gain, but are you also looking for pronounced volume in your buttocks? Don't compromise between these two needs and choose a panty that's right for you.

The Curvy Slim brief will become the highlight of your wardrobe before a night out with girlfriends or a date. Gain your silhouette to erase your small bulges while sporting a magnificent plump buttocks. You are going to be a big hit!

There will be no more excuses for not wearing those nice leather pants you picked up at a clearance sale because you think they won't look good on you.

Have you fallen for a mini dress on an e-commerce site that looks hot on the model but you think you don't have the same shape as her? Size is just a number, it's up to you to make the clothes you want with the help of some well-kept lingerie secrets.

What size to take and how to maintain your push-up panties?

The push up panties behave like our classic invisible panties. We advise you to wash it in a washing bag, So Clean or Trésor, with your underwear in a machine on the delicate laundry program. Let it air dry, avoiding the dryer.

Curvy panties fit smaller than regular panties. For your comfort and perfect invisibility under your outfits, don't hesitate to opt for a size larger than the one you normally take. This will make you feel more comfortable from morning until night.

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