Transparent Straps

The Transparent Suspenders, a timeless and effective lingerie tip.
Its different widths from 10 mm to the widest of 15 mm will allow you to adapt to your bra according to the size of your cup.
Several straps positions are available to you: classic straight, crossed or around the neck which will be your daily ally.
Why do we put transparent suspenders?

It often happens that we fall for a piece of clothing in the window of a store. You think it would go perfectly with the new denim pants you picked up last week. But then you start to doubt, do I have the right body for this little bustier top?

No, for you it is impossible to put on this little top because you think you don't have the figure of the model who wore this top in the magazine you leafed through yesterday.
You start to tie knots in your stomach until you simply give up on your crush.

Have you never dared to wear a bustier top because in your opinion, your bust is not suitable for this type of top? You refuse to wear it without a bra because you know you need the support of a regular bra.

You have found a pretty dress with sheer sleeves . This is the perfect dress for your formal party next month. You try it on and you realize that your bra, even flesh, is totally visible under the tulle, it is impossible to conceal the straps. Not knowing what to do, you decided to forgo this dress, for another too classic straight.

You have seen on the internet a very elegant bridesmaid dress with asymmetrical sleeves. This is the exact color you are looking for. But there begins the ordeal. How to wear it? With what lingerie?

Have you tried bandeau bras but are not convinced by their effectiveness for your body type and prefer to avoid adhesive bras out of fear and because they do not meet your current needs? In fact, you find yourself in a dilemma.

Have you ever experienced this kind of situation? At Gilsa Paris, we believe that all women deserve to choose the products and outfits that they want and that they would like to wear. Women need to feel free but above all at ease with their bodies and their surroundings.

There are many lingerie solutions that allow women to feel comfortable with themselves and their femininity. Sheer suspenders are just one of dozens of products that you may discover to help with your everyday comfort.

When to wear transparent suspenders?

Sometimes some women are skeptical about see-through suspenders. They can read many sometimes not very complimentary articles on the subject and prefer to go without trying them. But they ignore the extent of the possibilities that transparent suspenders can bring us.

Indeed, the transparent straps offer you a range of possibilities to allow you to be free of your movements. Take the images of sheer suspenders from the 1990s out of your minds. Today, sheer suspenders are back in fashion to slip under your everyday and party outfits.

So when do we have the option of putting on transparent suspenders? Are there any codes to follow to wear transparent suspenders and stay trendy?

It is important to remember that you are free in your actions and that you are the sole judge of what to do or not to do when it comes to fashion. Fashion trends are so volatile that one day a product can be trendy and the next day out of fashion. But also know that you just need to be patient as fashions change and at some point your favorite pieces will come back into fashion.

The transparent suspenders can be worn every day. In summer with a little beach dress or in winter under a long oversized sweater, these straps can slip anywhere under your clothes. Don't neglect comfort in favor of style.

The silicone material of this style of suspenders adapts to all seasons and times of life. Not afraid to sweat with them, they will stay in place and won't risk slipping over your shoulders unlike conventional bra straps.

There is therefore no prime season for choosing transparent suspenders. The most important thing is to feel good in your bra, whether in terms of comfort, well-being or support. Make sure you adjust your shoulder straps properly with the adjustable rulers to maximize your comfort when using it.

The advantages of transparent suspenders

You may be skeptical about transparent suspenders following testimonials from loved ones or on the networks, but it turns out that transparent suspenders have certain advantages that can make your daily life easier. What are the advantages of transparent suspenders?

Unlike conventional suspenders, transparent suspenders are more malleable. Indeed, silicone is often more resistant than the materials used for conventional braces such as nylon, lycra, tulle or plastics which react badly to washing and quickly damage the product.

Indeed, after a few washes, plastics tend to react badly to washing machines and gradually lose their resistance over time and are less elastic. This results in less support for the breast and ultimately injures the shoulders of the consumer.

If you want your removable straps bra to last longer, feel free to alternate with sheer straps every now and then to make sure you keep this bra on for longer with even support without hurting yourself.

If you need extra support that a headband doesn't provide, see-through suspenders are for you. Indeed, some women have a fairly heavy chest that prevents them from wearing strapless bras because of the weight.

They are therefore forced to wear bras with colored straps, sometimes in a different color than their dress or their top, in order to be able to wear the outfit of their dreams. This is too visible and they are very often embarrassed.

Don't be embarrassed anymore! Free yourself from constraints and adopt transparent suspenders!
Note that these straps will be almost invisible under transparent materials such as tulle, lace or organza. However, you can be sure that you will be supported enough without worrying about your bra falling to your knees.

Have you ever lost your bra because of your breast weight?
This is an uncomfortable time in your life because you didn't want to show off your bra so you decided to wear it strapless.

Woe, you're in the evening, and your bra has fallen off. You must then quickly run to the bathroom to readjust your outfit. This wouldn't have happened if you had made up your mind to go for the see-through straps, your trusted partner for a bra that will stay on all night long that won't neglect your comfort and won't be likely to hurt you.

How to put them?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using transparent suspenders. Indeed, the transparent straps are above all removable straps. You will be able to hang them on bras with dedicated notches for this purpose.

Some bras have been created to have the ability to remove, change or alter the position of the straps. These are bras with removable straps. These bras can come in different forms such as classic bras, bandeau bras, balconette bras with removable straps or multi-position bras like our
Divine bra .

Each of these shapes have one thing in common, they have the possibility of removing and / or putting on suspenders. Inside the bra, you can find kinds of notches. These pieces of fabric, or elastic, have been specially designed to accommodate the straps of bras.

Each strap is designed on the same principle. They have a hook at each end to attach to one of the notches on the bra and a slider at the strap to adjust the length of the strap.

What are the different possible strap positions?

Just like every removable bra strap, you have several strap position options to allow your bra to adapt to the garment you have chosen.

You can first choose the classic position which corresponds to the two parallel straps on the shoulders. Choose the outer bra notches at the front of the cup for the first hook and towards the middle of the back for the second hook.
Repeat the same action for the second strap.

This position is ideal for tops or dresses which are strapless, or which have a transparent part at the level of the shoulders where the straps of a classic color would not give a harmonious result.

The second position is the cross back. Begin putting on the straps at the front of the bra as in the classic position. Once the straps are installed, hook the right strap over the back notch to the left, and the left to right strap. You will get a cross back.

This suspender position is very practical for tops that have a crossed back, cross back or with a racer back that prevents you from having parallel straps in the back.
Transparent suspenders will make themselves more invisible than classic suspenders because they have the ability to be a second skin effect.

We can also distinguish two variants of this position, they are the cross front and the double cross . Instead of crossing in the back, you have the option of crossing in front while keeping the back parallel. This allows you to adjust to the openwork tops in the front. You can also cross in front and back for more style.
Don't hesitate to lengthen your shoulder straps to avoid over-tightening your shoulders, which could injure yourself.

Two last positions are still possible. First of all, the asymmetric strap.
Position one strap over one shoulder in the normal way, and cross the second as in a crossed back. This will allow you to wear a dress with one off the shoulder.

The last position is around the neck . Loosen one strap as far as possible and position it on the left of your chest. Then place the strap around your neck by hooking the second hook on the right of your chest, symmetrical to the first.

So you will get a backless bra. If your staple is visible, we recommend that you use staple covers like our So Bow product.

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