Shapping Panties

The Shaping Panties is a fatal asset for all women. A High Waist Panties, more or less indented according to your wishes, gives you a dream silouhette while allowing your curves to be highlighted. It allows you a Flat Belly Effect and remains invisible under your clothes to give you comfort and support all day long.
So why are you still hesitating to start adopting the shaping panties? Long criticized, the shaping panties were too often associated with the elderly. It was a taboo subject, a lingerie trick that we used without talking about it.

Then in the 2000s, after the release of certain films, such as Bridget Jones, the shaping panties came out of the closet. It's no longer a secret, it helps women feel better and smooth out shapes.

However, in the 2000s, the shaping panties still had a bad reputation. Indeed, our dear Bridget Jones may have put it on the front of the stage, it remains in the eyes of consumers an underwear far from the usual standards of seduction. We often speak of "grandmother's panties" or other unflattering adjectives.

It is only recently that the customs of shaping panties, or more generally of sculpting lingerie, have changed, thanks to the major lingerie brands. These have sought to best meet the changing needs of consumers. Before, they sought above all an optimal result, a sheathed silhouette, sublimated and maintained.

Now, women are looking for comfort above all else, but not only. Today, women want to feel beautiful, free in their choices and in their bodies. And that also goes into their choice of underwear.
Today's consumers want a comfortable underwear that maintains and above all, chic. Lingerie brands seek to dust off the panties of our grandmothers by embellishing them with lace, embroidery or transparency. The high brief is on the rise and has become trendy. Whether in swimsuits or classic underwear, our closets have made room for these panties that have been denigrated for too long.

Thanks to the changes in morals in recent years, the shaping panties are no longer a taboo subject. Available in several shapes and meeting different needs, all you have to do is find the one that best meets your needs.

The advantages of a shaping panty

Gilsa Paris has sought to best meet the needs of its clients. Today, she offers you shaping panties with a second skin effect and without seams. If you want to smooth your curves, a shaping panty will perfectly meet your demand.

Most shapewear panties have visible seams at the elastic, which can make them visible sometimes under tight clothing. Gilsa Paris panties have been designed for total invisibility under clothing thanks to laser cuts and iron-on adhesive.

Some women find it difficult to live with their curves, especially on special occasions when their images matter and are sometimes photographed. The shaping panties therefore help these women to feel better about their body and to let go of their complexes for a day or a particular event. Find a flat stomach and hide your abdominal bulges whenever you want.

But also note that the shaping panties are not just for curvy women. Indeed, we see more and more outfits close to the body or tight. The big brands then advise this kind of underwear which to put on these outfits with complete freedom.

No woman is perfect, but everyone deserves to wear the clothes she wants, when she wants. You are therefore allowed to generally wear size S clothes and choose to wear shaping panties from time to time.

It is therefore created for all women, regardless of their size or morphology, whether you have bulges or not. Do you want to find a flat stomach after pregnancy? Is your favorite jeans a little tight and you want to get into them again?

Do you want to highlight your figure under a sexy and tight little dress? Looking to contour your curves that new little jumpsuit you found at your favorite clothing store? Go ahead and choose the shaping panty of your choice.

How to choose the right shaping panties?

There are a large number of shaping panties on the market and it is sometimes difficult to find your way through all the offerings on offer. Indeed, each woman is different and each has different needs. This is why Gilsa Paris has decided to offer different choices, different shapes to best meet the needs of its customers.

Before choosing a model, ask yourself what needs do you want to meet? Do you have a few love handles? Do you want comfortable but light support?

Opt for classic shaping panties, like our Milord Shaping Panties . Stopping at the top of the waist and bottom of the breasts, these panties will become your second skin.

You won't have any lines on your clothes. You will be maintained throughout the day. It will bring you the comfort you are looking for and the confidence in yourself.

But Gilsa Paris also has a few surprises in store for you. Indeed, the brand allows you to offer yourself the shapes you want. Thanks to the Curvy Slim Push Up Gaining Panties from Gilsa Paris, treat yourself to the butt you always have dreamed, while sheathing your stomach.

Say goodbye to your complexes! These padded and shaping panties will sublimate your curves to perfection for the most beautiful occasions of your life.

If you want to get more results and shape your body in depth, choose Victor shaping shorts which also slim the thighs. We offer you two different options. Either the low-waisted shaping shorts, which will cover your thighs, so you can put on skirts or small tight-fitting dresses, or the high-waisted shaping shorts, which will cover your stomach, waist and thighs. Analyze your needs and choose accordingly the panties or shaping shorts that best meet your desires.

Finally, if you want to be well maintained, absolutely choose the size of pants that you usually take. Choosing a size below yours with the idea that you will be tighter, thinner is not the solution because it is not comfortable and will wear out your panties faster. You should feel supported without feeling squeezed.

What to wear her shaping panties with?

It is often customary that we wonder if we can really combine these panties with all outfits. First you need to understand that you can wear it all day and feel good in it. The shaping panties are therefore suitable for both everyday outfits and special events in your lives such as birthdays, family events or weddings.

Don't be afraid to wear what you want. Simply choose the right bottom according to your outfit. Indeed, if you have a fairly pronounced bare back, high-waisted panties are not recommended as they may be visible.

Prefer low-rise, shaping panties adapted to your outfit. If you have a fairly pronounced front neckline, also take into account that the high-waisted panties stop at the bottom of the breasts.

Gilsa Paris decided to create shaping panties made for women who want to feel free. Seamless, they will be invisible under your all clothes. So dare the sexy tight-fitting little dress! With the help of your shaping panties, you will be confident, sure of yourself from morning until night.

But the shaping panties can also be worn under everyday clothes like your little slim skinny jeans that you found last month in your neighborhood store, or this little straight skirt for a very working girl look unearthed second hand.

Take the celebrity trick! Yep, most stars use girdles on the biggest red carpets. They tend to choose dresses that are long, close to the body and should feel comfortable in front of the photographers. The shaping panties are no longer taboo at all and more and more celebrities are assuming to resort to this kind of practice for an hourglass figure 360 days a year.

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