Want to highlight your curves in a discreet and effective way? Our large selection of invisible and shaping shorts allows you to maximize your well-being while enhancing your figure. Let's take a look back at a life-changing lingerie accessory !
Why wear shorts?

Fans of thongs and panties might ask themselves this legitimate question: why opt for shorts , which may at first seem like an impractical and covering underwear?

However, the shorts do not deserve this bad reputation. Quite the contrary! It is a wonderful companion that is suitable for all sartorial situations, including under clothes very close to the body. Far from putting your curves at a disadvantage, the shorts smoothes the waist and draws shapely and sensual contours . Once you have adopted it, you will not be able to do without it!

When it comes to lingerie , we know that the key word is discretion . There is no question of taking the risk of seeing visible seams and unpleasant marks appearing on your clothes. This is why GILSA Paris has taken special care to ensure that its shorts blend in with your skin . Cleverly designed, they disappear under your dresses , your skirts and your pants . Since they have no seams, they can be worn with any fitted or form fitting suit . This way, our shorts cover your waist and the top of your thighs, without it showing on the outside.

Another major advantage of our shorts: they have been designed to be incredibly soft and light . They stick to your body without restricting your movements, and without ever making you feel uncomfortable. So you can dance, jump and have fun without taking any risks. The delicate and comfortable fabric of the shorts won't press on your stomach or rub against your thighs. In addition, some of our models benefit from non-slip strips which keep them effectively throughout the day.

Finally, the unique quality of our shorts is that they can smooth and refine your belly : their high waist nicely covers your hips while sheathing your waist. of size. The result: your figure is harmoniously sculpted , and appears in its most beautiful light.

Thus, our shaping shorts are the essential glamor assets for all those looking to embellish their curves. As invisible as thongs, while providing you with incredible comfort , they maintain and slim the waist without ever getting in the way.

How to choose the right invisible seamless shorty?

Before deciding on an underwear , it is important to understand your needs. Would you like a shorty that will support you without oppressing you, a shaping shorts which reveals a flat stomach , or an ultra discreet shorts to slip under? a long tight dress?

In designing its line of shorties , Gilsa wanted to make your life easier with inconspicuous and convenient underwear . This is why, thanks to their absence of seams , our entire range of shorts is invisible , guaranteeing you maximum discretion . In addition, each short has been designed to meet very specific needs.

Lightweight and comfortable , our Emile shorts nestle gently against your skin without them being noticed under your skirts, your pants or your dresses. Their innovative design guarantees total invisibility, and draws your silhouette with grace. In addition, they are available in 3 colors: choose from black, ivory and flesh color. In this way, the shade of our Emile shorts can be combined with outfits of all possible colors.

Combine discretion and sheathing with the Panty Slim , whose high waist effectively smoothes the tummy. It is a real charming asset that sheaths the silhouette under clothing that is closest to the body. Thanks to these invisible and well-cut shorts , don't worry about your extra pounds. On the contrary, feel light and airy while wearing it! It comes in flesh and black colors, to go with both light and dark clothes.

Finally, if you are looking for the accessory that will enhance the beauty of your body and give you a good dose of self-confidence, choose our Victor high waist shaping shorts . From your thighs to the top of your stomach, it conforms to your curves while smoothing your waist and presenting pretty shapely thighs. Guaranteed seamless, like the rest of our collection, it is totally invisible under your clothes . In addition, its non-slip strip keeps it in place even under light dresses or blouses.

Invisible shorts that adapt to all sizes

From flat bellies to the most generous hips, from small sizes to the lucky big ones, from muscular thighs to plump buttocks, GILSA Paris has thought of all women and all bodies.

All of our shorts are available in many sizes . Versatile and invisible, they slip into any outfit and give you an irresistible line whatever your body type.

Opt for shorts adjusted to your size, pair them with a bra of the same color and dare to wear your most sensual looks.

When to wear shorts?

Our shorts can be worn for any occasion.

It is true that they will be particularly useful to you when you are going out of the game and want to present yourself in your best light. At weddings , official ceremonies, bachelorette parties or birthday parties, put shorts under your outfit and feel beautiful and seductive All day long.

Our invisible shorts are also the perfect companions for your cocktail dresses and your high heels . Thanks to their absence of seams, they slip under your tight-fitting clothes and reveal a sensual and shapely contour . Also, they will make you feel sexy and daring all night long by illuminating your stature.

Shorts are also suitable for everyday life. To go to the office, for brunches with girlfriends or to go for a walk with the family, they highlight your body and make your complexes disappear in the blink of an eye.

Good in her lingerie, good in her body

choosing your lingerie is more than just a story of fashion and looks. While flattering and discreet underwear helps to harmonize an outfit, they are also important for your overall well-being.

By choosing shorts, panties or thong that matches your body type, you are doing your comfort a favor. Indeed, feeling good in your underwear is an essential that is not negotiable. So when looking for lingerie, don't just think about the outward appearance, but also the comfort offered by the panties, thongs, shorts or bra.

You may have a shapely silhouette, if your underwear irritates you, tightens you or is not well maintained, it will be felt on your ease.

At GILSA Paris, we know that your underwear are essential pieces of your wardrobe , which give you irreplaceable self-confidence and relaxation. Our shorts have been designed with this in mind: halfway between fashion accessory and lucky charm , they make you bright and confident.

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