Shapping short

The shaping shorts are the ideal solution to sculpt your silhouette while highlighting your curves. Seamless and second skin effect , the shaping shorts can also be anti-friction and slimming . It allows you to shape your thighs, smooth your stomach and has several heights: either at the level of the navel or below your chest. Flesh and black in color, it will blend perfectly under your clothes for your greatest comfort .
The Short, an essential of your wardrobe

When we think of lingerie stockings, we always tend to think of panties first. Our faithful companion who accompanies us every day from morning until evening. However, there are many other low shapes that are likely to make you melt.
Among these are the shorts.

Shorts have long been associated with men. In fact, shorts are similar to underpants or boxers generally worn by men. One day, the lingerie greats asked themselves the question: “if more and more men are choosing boxer briefs to the detriment of briefs, what are the reasons for this conversion? ".

In the 1950s, a majority of men kept underpants as their favorite underwear. The years passed and the boxer attracted more and more new followers. Today, boxers represent 80% of the men's underwear market. And Now he begins to conquer the wardrobe of women.

Shorts can take many names: short, shorty, panty, boxer, hipster and many more. The characteristics remain the same: this is a lingerie stocking that descends more or less on the thighs with a height more or less high at the level of the belly.

Today, embarrassed by their classic panties, more and more women decide to forget the basic panties and switch to shorts, the new trend in your lingerie drawer. Indeed, women are increasingly looking for well-being and comfort both for their bra and for lingerie in general. They no longer want their underwear to show unless the effect is intended.

They are looking for invisibility , lightness and softness . They no longer want to be puddled in their outfit and even less in their underwear. They want to forget that they are wearing underwear and want to focus on their fit and want to live their lives on the run.

No more daily grind with classic stockings that fit into our buttocks because we have the wrong size or, quite simply, because the shape of the panty chosen is not suited to our body type. Dare to be who you want to be, accompanied by the best lingerie solutions.

Shorts or Shaping Panties: Which product to choose?

Shorts or panties : which one to choose? This may be a question you are asking yourself. Is there a difference between one and the other? Let's analyze together the benefits of each.
What is a sheathing? Flat stomach slimming panties? A slimming girdle?
High waisted panties or even sculpting panties?

Besides the classic stockings, there are lingerie stockings with shaping functions. But what does it mean and how does it work?

A sheathing smoothes the skin, without compressing it, to remove love handles and unsightly little bulges that complicate life. Say goodbye to them for a day with the help of your favorite strengthener.

Comfortably placed on your skin, it has a slimming effect. You will feel like you've lost a waist effortlessly. So, which product is right for you?

Start by analyzing what you are looking for. What part of the body do you want to shape? Search your closet and find the outfits you can no longer put on because of weight gain or pregnancy.

What is preventing you from putting them on? What if an underwear could be the solution to your worries?

Size is just a number. Every woman has the right to wear the clothes that she likes adapted to her morphology. You can wear them everyday or on special occasions when you need to be on top.

Free yourself from constraints, and wear a girdle! But are you more of a panty or shorty?

The Shaping Panties allow you to smooth your stomach, your buttocks and your love handles, while freeing your thighs. Coming in different heights, it's lightweight and won't compress your abdomen. You can wear it under tight tops, thin skirts or even fitted day or evening dresses.

The Gainant Shorts works on your stomach, your love handles, your hips and your thighs. Like the shaping panties, they do not compress the body. The shaping shorts allow to cover more part of the body for a wow effect.

Have you fallen for a jumpsuit and are afraid to wear it? With the help of a shaping panty, be sure of yourself and wear the most beautiful outfits in your closet.

Which bottom height is right for you?

Our invisible stockings are available in different heights to best meet your expectations. Each height has different characteristics to meet different needs. Every woman is different and so are their needs.

This is what lingerie brands have understood. Today, more and more models and shapes appear to meet the new and growing needs created by society. Although the consumer finds herself faced with more choices, she can easily find herself lost in front of all the items offered with similar characteristics and easily find herself lost in front of her primary need.

So you have to get back to the essence of your primary need before you start looking for the ideal model. What do you expect from your bottom? What are you missing today that you would like to see in your stocking?

When it comes to sheathing, there are many models of different sizes, formats and colors. Each size or height corresponds to one of the needs of women.

Let's analyze them one by one to understand which height will be best for you.

Let's take a look at the different sock heights first. We can distinguish three.
The first height is the low waist.

This height corresponds most of the time to basic basics such as panties, shorties or tanga. The low waist supports better but has the advantage of slipping into small jeans without being visible.

If you want more tummy support, try a high waist. This second height, above the navel, is very useful for women looking for a little support in the abs.

Today, we have seen that high waist clothes (skirt, pants, shorts, etc.) are more and more trendy with the return of fashion from the 1970s. Before going out of fashion, pants "Patte d'eph" is the trendy piece to have in your closet. So pair it with a high waist bottom for comfort and to smooth your shape.

Finally, the third height goes back to the birth of the breasts. This height allows you to smooth the shape of the buttocks to the ribs. This kind of height is ideal for women with some complexes and who want to smooth out their imperfections to fit into the clothes of their choice.

Which size of stockings to choose?

It often happens that we are mistaken about the choice of the size of our bottom. Indeed, we believe that, to favor our forms, we must take a larger or smaller size according to our expectations of the result and not according to our comfort.

Indeed, we tend to always look at the size of the product before understanding how it works in general and its impact on our body. Remember that size is just a number and choosing the wrong size can cause discomfort or even injure you.

First of all, we think, for a classic bottom , that you just need to choose our usual pant size. It has become a habit and we no longer realize it. However, it often happens that your underwear is visible under your skirt or your pants. How to explain it?

Most lingerie brands advise choose a size larger to be more comfortable in your bottom, to prevent it from entering in unselected places and that it does not mark under clothing.

When it comes to a body shaping , we tend to think that if we choose a size smaller, the bottom will tighten more and you will look even thinner. However, it can be very dangerous to practice this mania. This is because it can prevent your body from breathing, you might feel compressed and this could cause discomfort.

With these tips, choose the size that will best showcase you without jeopardizing your health or your taste for style. For a shaping, choose your usual bottom size .

What color of stockings to choose?

You might also be wondering which color of bottom to choose under your clothes would be based on your skin colors or the clothes you have chosen.

The bottom line is that the choice of your bottom is up to you. It should match your expectations and should be invisible under your clothes. It all depends on your choice of outfit.

If your clothes are dark , don't hesitate to choose the black color , which will not blend in with your clothes. If the colors of your clothes are paler , prefer ivory or flesh colors, depending on your skin tone and the transparency of your overcoats.

We do not recommend the color black under light clothes as it may be visible under your dresses.

Discover our Gilsa Paris products made for you

In terms of shaping shorts, Gilsa Paris offers you two different heights to best meet your expectations in terms of clothing and comfort.

Gilsa Paris first offers you the invisible shorts Perfect Bra . Seamless, it can slip under your skirts, dresses or pants without leaving marks. Coming above the number, it will smooth your abs for an assured hourglass figure.

Finally, Gilsa Paris offers you the Victor high waist shaping shorts . When you reach the birth of your breasts, it will know how to smooth your thighs, your buttocks, your saddlebags, your love handles to the ribs.

These invisible shorts will give you the hourglass figure of your dreams thanks to its shaping effect and flat stomach. If you're coming out of a drunken pregnancy or party, slip into some nice shapely shorts to feel comfortable from head to toe.

Are you looking for a slimming effect from the thighs to the waist without feeling fluffy or tight in a comfortable garment to liven up the dance floor? Look no further and dare the Perfect Bra shorts from Gilsa Paris.

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