Nipple Covers

Nipple Covers are an invisible lingerie solution that allows you to wear the outfit of your choice with total discretion. Adhesive or made of fabric, GILSA Paris Nipple Covers adapt to all your wishes. Find the nipple cover that best suits your needs thanks to our Wide Range of Models. Find Comfort and Lightness for all occasions and all outfits.
The word Nipple Cover may shock some people. Indeed, this word is often attributed to burlesque or even films for adults. When you think of nipple covers, you first imagine jewelry attached to the breasts, with pompoms that bounce to the movements of the dancers. It is often imagined as an erotic lingerie accessory, a sign of sensuality and self-confidence.

Moulin Rouge, Lido, Crazy Horse and many others tend to use these products. Conical, glittery, with pompoms, metallic, with flowers, there are hundreds of examples on social media, the internet or even at shows. There are dozens of examples of extravagant nipples covers on the web used by celebrities. However, nipple covers are also worn in a more personal way.

For a long time, women breasts were a taboo. We could not dare to show them. Nowadays, breasts serve to claim our pride of being women and to claim our femininity.

However, nipples are still a taboo. Even today, we could show the entire female breast, except for the nipple.

Nipple covers are being gradually de-dramatized. It is celebrities’ favorite hack nowadays. Indeed, many women choose nipple covers to wear their extravagant outfits on red carpets or on TV shows. Who has never wondered how celebrities wear these kinds of outfits, which makes them look fabulous and confident?

Fashion designers are becoming more and more inventive and keen on highlighting women's breasts with large necklines which limit the use of a classic bra. That is why they use nipple covers, a discreet lingerie accessory to shine in the spotlight.

Silicone nipple covers: which one to choose?

Today, the nipple cover has become a staple of freedom for women. We tend to feel embarrassed when nipples are apparent, due to the bra or to thin clothes.

As a matter of fact, the fabric used for delicate lingerie tends to be very thin. With the lightest breeze, nipples are often ready to claim their presence. So how can you avoid the embarrassment?

Gilsa Paris offers a range of nipple covers for all sorts of situations. If you do not want your nipples to make an appearance even when you are wearing a bra, then you can go for silicone nipple covers.

They provide comfort daily, while making you feel confident. But… which one to choose? Indeed, we offer a wide choice of nipple covers to answer to all of our customers' needs.

Gilsa Paris will be able to solve your issues, while adapting to your desires and, most importantly, your needs. Do you have small breasts and want to hide the nipples? Then go for our famous nipple covers, also known as Petals.

As its name suggests, they are flower-shaped, and will slip under your clothes discreetly. If you want to hide a larger area choose the Skin Petals, they come in a bigger size, to wrap your nipples.

Finally, if you are looking for additional support, discover our new product, the Bastille. It is a nipple cover that looks like a second skin and has a lifting effect. Indeed, thanks to its adhesive top wing, you will be able to discreetly lift your breast.

This nipple cover will not replace a classic bra designed for optimal support, but it will provide a greater freedom of movement, guaranteeing more support than that of a classic nipple cover.

What if you go for nipple covers made of fabric?

Are you afraid of silicone? Do you have sensitive skin and want to hide your nipples and avoid certain materials? Why do you not try nipple covers made of fabric?

Unknown to the public, these are just as effective as the silicone nipple cover and have similar uses. This is why Gilsa Paris has decided to let you choose between the two materials according to your needs.

We offer two different styles of nipple covers made of fabric: disposable and reusable. When it comes to disposables, Gilsa Paris offers two different products. First, the Flower Petals are disposable flower-shaped nipple covers.

You will find 5 pairs per pack. They will be useful for events, if you do not wear nipple covers usually. They will protect your nipple and keep it from being noticed by others.

We also offer for more support, with the So Up. Disposable, these are flower-shaped nipple covers, with a transparent lifter that brings the breasts upwards and provides a lifting effect. You will find three pairs per pack.

This nipple cover adapts to the size of your chest according to your cup size. All you have to do is cut the transparent lifter according to your size, to find the most adapted support.

It should be noted that nipple covers do not replace classic bras when it comes to support. However, they are an excellent alternative for those occasions when a classic bra is to be avoided at all costs for the sake of your outfit. In this way, your breasts will be discreetly raised for a more glamorous effect and you will look fabulous.

Gilsa Paris also offers nipple covers in reusable fabric. First, we have the Silk Petals. These flower-shaped petals will slip under all your outfits very gently.

They look like a second skin and provide total invisibility. You can wear them under your luxurious lingerie to avoid your nipples being noticed, or under thin clothes as a substitute for the bra.

If you do not like the flower shape, go for the Moon petals, our round nipple covers. They work the same as the Silk Petals but are shaped like a full moon. Slightly larger than the Silk Petals, they will hold your breasts perfectly. Be confident and feel free to move as well as to choose your outfit.

How to wear and take care of nipple covers?

You are now more familiar with nipple covers. But, can we trust the nipple covers sold on the market? Some of you might think that the adhesive could be harmful to your skin… but think again!

At Gilsa Paris, we only use dermatologically tested glue. This glue has been specially designed to be in contact with sensitive areas of the body, such as the chest. We want women to feel good and free in their bodies without limits.

Then you might wonder how to properly put on a nipple cover. With Gilsa Paris nipple covers, it could not be simpler. First, the nipple cover is applied to your skin, previously cleansed and dried. Remove the plastic and place the nipple covers on your chest.

Then press from the outside to the inside of your chest to fix the product correctly. When it comes to the lifters, peel off the transparent film, then reassemble your breast by positioning the lifter according to the result you expect. Do not hesitate to take it off and put it back on to get the best result.

Finally, you might wonder how to take care of your adhesive nipple covers and then wear them again. When you are done using them, wash them with soap and water. The dermatological glue will be regenerated.

Let the product air dry. Then put the transparent cover back on to the adhesive and store your nipple cover carefully for its next use.

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