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Adhesive strips for a plunging neckline

Have you bought a dress or a top with a wide neckline, and are you looking for the accessory that will hold your outfit together nicely? Look no further, you have come to the right place. Our adhesive tapes are essential lingerie tips that secure your clothes without ever being noticed.
The ideal solution for light and low-cut outfits

Buying sensual outfits is always a double-edged sword: Along with the excitement of wearing your brand new outfit is the tedious task of finding an accessory to keep it in place. It is not easy to find a suitable solution, since traditional bras are often too showy to be slipped under a sexy garment and uncovered. Also, opting to leave nothing is often perilous, as you risk revealing more than you need.

This is where adhesive tapes come in. Practical and invisible, they have been designed for those who want peace of mind, even when daring plunging necklines which leave nothing to the imagination. By fixing effectively - but discreetly! - the fabric to your skin, you can move as you wish without fear of revealing too much.

Much more discreet than the bra, the adhesive strips highlight your chest while protecting it from gusts of wind or sudden movements. In this way, they allow you to look more natural without the risks associated with " no bra ".

While double-sided bands are a good substitute for bras and bras , they can also complement them. In fact, you can combine underwear and adhesives to sport a pretty neckline while covering your breasts.

How to use adhesive tapes?

In addition to being practical and discreet, adhesive tapes are also very easy to use. Double-sided, they can be stuck anywhere: on the top of the chest, to maintain the neckline, on the sides, to avoid too plunging views, below, if you need to lay the garment down. base of the breasts ...

Very versatile, the adhesive strips therefore adapt to any garment. Non-irritating, they stick to the skin without rubbing, thus providing comfort and freedom. Create the neckline of your dreams with these daring and innovative lingerie accessories !

Our adhesive tapes are sold in sets of 36 pieces. This means you can use as many as you want, so you can get a personalized neckline by yourself. Single-use, the bands are not reusable and must be changed each time.

With which garment to put adhesive strips?

By keeping the garment in place, the double-sided bands allow you to not use a bra , for a natural and sensual result. Thanks to their smart and sleek design, they can be used with all possible and imaginable looks.

The tight and open dresses will be particularly suitable for their use, as well as the tops very indented in the back like the halter tops . They can also be used under light blouses or slightly sagging bustiers. The bands can be applied around the chest, but also on the back or around the waist, if you need to fix a dress that is a little fickle. Thanks to their simplicity, use them as you wish!

The bands are versatile, and complement chic and shiny outfits as well as everyday looks . Wear them to weddings , to harmonize an outfit and protect your chest, to cocktail parties , to free yourself from the frame of a bra and you show off in your best light, or even under simple high necklines, in order to feel sexy and daring in everyday life. Whether you're going out of style or having a casual look , the bands help you look natural and seductive .

Good reasons not to wear a bra

One of the great things about our double-sided tapes is that they break free from the dictatorship of bras, if only for a night out. No more unsightly marks that spoil the look of a pretty top, or elastics that compress you and leave red marks on your skin! Our adhesives give you the opportunity to go out without anything, and without risk, since your clothes are firmly attached to your skin.

Even if it's only occasional, going without a bra has many advantages. The first is the aesthetic effect: in the absence of lingerie covering your breasts, your silhouette becomes more harmonious and elegant. But that's not all: " no bra " is also beneficial for circulation, improves tissue elasticity and firms the breasts.

Obviously, the bra has its qualities too, and not wearing one can give the impression of being quite naked. There are no right and wrong choices, only different body types and needs. Nevertheless, not putting on a bra once in a while is a good habit that lets your breasts breathe, build muscle, and gain firmness. Also, it will make you feel freer, sexier, and more connected to your body.

Complete your beautiful outfits with our string of lingerie solutions , each more innovative than the last. Our ranges of panties and thongs allow you not to wear visible marks under your tight-fitting outfits. And if you want to combine bras and adhesive bands , discover our large collection of bras that are as discreet as they are comfortable.

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