Wedding lingerie: sublimate your outfit on D-Day

Oui by Gilsa wedding lingerie was invented for all women, for the most beautiful day of their lives. We wanted to offer you the possibility of wearing the dress of your dreams, from the most low-cut to the most covering. Oui by Gilsa offers a unique line of lingerie and shapewear dedicated to brides. We offer products with the most rigorous quality standards, from creation to manufacturing, shipping and delivery to your home. Our products are all validated in a dermatological laboratory: classic bra, adhesive bra, panties and shapewear, but also accessories: nipple covers and lots of tips to highlight your body in your most beautiful dress. To keep the magic of the wedding, Oui by Gilsa has prepared a box specially dedicated to this collection with white and gold satin boxes/cases. Their sleek design will accompany you until the big day and will allow you to keep your underwear beyond your wedding night.

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Which lingerie solution for which wedding dress? For this magical day, all the dresses are imaginable, you have your idea. The strapless dress, the high-cut dress, the backless, the plunging neckline or even the diva dress with a high slit. We invented Oui by Gilsa lingerie solutions to highlight your femininity, your line, your curves all day and all night. You will feel beautiful and light, confident with Oui by Gilsa solutions designed for the biggest occasions of your life. You have imagined the theme of your wedding and the style of your wedding dress: bohemian dress, plunging back dress, Arab palace dress, ancient Greek dress, Arabian night dress, Muslim dress, Charleston dress, sheath dress, Marilyne dress, princess dress, marquise dress, flared dress, mermaid dress, sexy chic dress, V-back dress, round back dress, peasant dress...Congratulations! It's time for you to choose these little details, and the accessories to make you stand out. But where to start? First of all, we advise you to identify your underwear needs and any constraints of your wedding dress. So how is she? backless? Indented? Cleavage? with Oui by Gilsa the solution adapted to your needs awaits you. The “Bahamas” adhesive bra without back or straps made of adhesive fabric cups for dizzying backless and low-cut dresses. Or the “Bora Bora”, a seamless adhesive headband, completely invisible under your clothes, which allows you to wear a close-fitting dress with a large neckline in the back; But still, the “Bali” our ivory-colored lace adhesive bra which goes with all the outfits of your choice and all positions are possible such as backless, bare shoulders or asymmetrical dresses, It has plus the ability to adapt to any cup size. The awaited day arrives and you don't know how to wear your strapless or plunging back wedding dress? Do you need a supportive bra and you can't wear a classic bra? The Venice multi-position invisible bra is the guarantee of enhanced hold and supported breasts. Thanks to its removable or interchangeable straps, you can reveal your back or your shoulders or both! Invisible and adaptable to your dress, the “Venice” is a multi-position bra allowing different geometries of the straps depending on your dress: backless, bare shoulders, strapless dress. Unique and innovative, which we have been producing for almost 20 years already, this bra is the must for weddings and evening wear, it guarantees perfect support for the most generous breasts and invisible straps. If you want to excite your conquest with a wedding dress with a plunging neckline, “Capri” nipple pasties are perfect, especially if you don't want strong support. Indeed, thanks to its adhesive the “Capri” becomes a second skin, whether it is completely invisible silicone, or with a fabric or lace material effect, we offer you different sizes, to adapt it to all your needs. choice . Comfortable and discreet, these different invisible lingerie solutions all have a push-up effect, the “Sicile” like the Capri is a transparent adhesive nipple cover, it is also supplied with a single-use adhesive to apply to the top of the nipple. your chest to guarantee the best lift up effect, enough to restore youthfulness to your chest, or a sexy lifting effect. Complementary and matching invisible adhesive bras, Oui by Gilsa offers panties in shaping format. For your wedding, you want to wear a tight dress and underwear that enhances your silhouette and your curves, with its line of shapewear, panties and shorties Oui By Gilsa has imagined the solutions. Short or long dress, you will find what you are looking for between the high-waisted shaping panties stopping below the chest "Tokyo", the high-waisted shorty which shapes the thighs, "New York", and the multi-position shaping bodysuit "Dubai » . Invisible, seamless panties and shorties that guarantee no marks on the body or on your clothes and give you the feeling of wearing nothing. We offer different shapes and cuts for all tastes, the hipster “Lima”, the invisible panties “Rome” or the seamless shorty “Maldives”, with us you will find the ideal panties. For feminine and sexy wedding lingerie but above all natural and simple, our products are offered in nude, white and ivory tones, all our lingerie solutions, our bras, panties, shorties, girdles and accessories become your beauty accessory whatever your wedding dress, your size and your shape. Endless possibilities Oui by Gilsa for over 20 years has focused on your well-being and on the small inconveniences of lingerie that is puffy or too visible under your dress or wedding outfit. We offer you a range of invisible lingerie solutions, sometimes seamless to give you the possibility of wearing your wedding dress without marks, without traces... without taboos and without complexes. We have imagined all the needs of modern and free women, our lingerie solutions are also adapted to a more supported support for your body shape or your tastes whether you are round or sporty, our bras with reinforced support can have transparent wings or non-adhesive on the sides of the chest for better support This is the case of the “Cuba”, a backless bra with transparent wings. You can also choose the “Tahiti”, an invisible adhesive bra, which also has adhesive but not transparent wings on the sides. Be free to choose the dress of your dreams. For more than twenty years, women have trusted Oui by Gilsa. Dare to wear a different outfit, be free to do as you want. How to choose your lingerie for your wedding? If you are still hesitant, Oui by Gilsa helps and advises you. A desire for lightness and to show off a bare back? Adhesive bras are designed for you. With the adhesive shells without straps or back, you will obtain perfect support and comfort. Everything you want to wear, backless dresses, tops and necklines, bustier and transparent top become easy to wear while highlighting your chest. You have the choice of color with our flesh-colored underwear which blends perfectly with your skin, or ivory color to blend under your dress. To choose a Oui By Gilsa bra, as for a classic bra, you must first identify your cup size (A, B, C, D, etc.), for your comfort and for a harmonious visual, your turn back must also be taken into account. For a back circumference greater than or equal to 95 Oui by Gilsa advises choosing a cup size above the usual cup size in a classic or invisible bra. Your chest will be better supported. Regarding multi-position bras such as the “Venice”, take the size you usually use. For more details, go to our website, we offer you a Oui by Gilsa size guide, this will allow you to choose your wedding lingerie. You will be able to know your size regarding our products such as classic bras, adhesive or non-wired bras and panties and shapewear in both French and international sizes. If after reading our Oui by Gilsa size guide you still have questions about the size or usefulness of our products, do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 01 42 60 29 39. Our entire team of wedding lingerie professionals will be happy to answer you. See you soon on

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